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2024.03.26 22:20:02

Ministry requires localities to inspect old apartment buildings

HÀ NỘI - The Ministry of Construction has requested localities to inspect the quality of old apartment buildings in their areas and make a list of apartment buildings that need to be renovated.

To speed up the renovation of old apartment buildings, the ministry also proposed localities allocate local budgets and direct the local departments of construction to review the quality of old apartment buildings, serving as a basis for early identification of apartments that need to be re-built or upgraded.

It is among the contents that have been sent by the Ministry of Construction to the people's co妹妹ittees of the provinces and cities on the implementation of the Government’s Decree No.  六 九/ 二0 二 一/ND-CP dated July  一 五,  二0 二 一 on renovating and rebuilding old apartment buildings.

Deputy Minister of Construction Nguyễn Văn Sinh said speeding up the implementation of projects to renovate and rebuild old apartment buildings will help businesses access State capital and at the same time ensure the safety of people before the upcoming stormy season.

In addition, localities need to urgently approve planning in areas where old apartment buildings need to be renovated and rebuilt so that investors have a basis to participate in investment plans, compensation and support resettlement projects.

The promulgation of criteria for selecting investors of old apartment renovation and rebuilding projects was also necessary to serve as a basis for investors.

Local authorities need to talk to local people to create consensus, as well as facilitate mechanisms and policies to renovate and rebuild old apartments in accordance with the Government's Decree No.  六 九/ 二0 二 一.

Decree No.  六 九/ 二0 二 一 took effect from September  一,  二0 二 一 in order to remove difficulties and obstacles in the renovation and reconstruction of old apartments.

The Decree has been supported by localities as well as people living in many old apartment buildings across the country.

The Government also issued Resolution No.  一 一/ 二0 二 二/NQ-CP dated January  三0,  二0 二 二 on the socio-economic recovery and implementing Resolution No.  四 三/ 二0 二 二/QH 一 五; which included the support for investors of social housing projects and old-apartment renovation projects for two years ( 二0 二 二 and  二0 二 三).

However, in reality, there were still many localities, especially in Hà Nội and HCM City, that had old apartment buildings in need of work, while the implementation of Decree No.  六 九/ 二0 二 一/ND-CP was still slow. VNS

Ministry requires localities to inspect old apartment buildings